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Forms and Policies



A. Accountability/Board Expectations:

1. Attend monthly MARA Board meetings and provide a status report.

2. Prepare a monthly report.

3. Conduct/document regular (weekly) inspections of the park including each field.

4. At the October monthly meeting, provide a list of major field maintenance activities that need to occur during the November, December, January, and February.

5. At the November Board meeting, present a field maintenance budget for the upcoming year.

6. Adhere to MARA policies.

7. Promote the Mission and spirit of MARA.

8. Be available for consultation with Board members and league commissioners regarding field conditions and improvements.

9. Promote, lead, and direct volunteers as needed to maintain fields and facilities. I prefer naming tasks to be completed not hours.

B. Work Schedule:

During off-peak periods (November 1 - February 28), the Field Director will work as needed to perform necessary tasks with or without volunteers to get facilities and fields ready for next playing season.

During peak activity periods (March 1 - October 31), the Field Director will work as needed to prepare and maintain facilities and fields as needed for acceptable and safe playing conditions.

C. Description of Duties:

The Field Director is responsible for performing and/or directing the performance of the activities described below:

Game Day Field Preparation:

1 . Rake and drag all fields

2. Properly chalk all fields

3. Ensure that bases are clean and in position

4. Ensure that soccer fields are lined and soccer goals are anchored (Arthur Goodman only)

When it has rained, the Field Director will monitor field conditions and make the decisions on whether the fields are playable. Coordinate with respective commissioner or appointed responsible league party.

Routine Field Maintenance:

1 . Fill holes in the outfield

2. Fill infield holes

3. Ensure the pitching mound and batters box are in proper condition

4. Mow the grass infields

5. Keep soccer goals anchored

6. Ensure the fields are properly and regularly watered - when water is readily accessible.

7. Maintain the irrigation system including raise/lower/repair of sprinkler heads. Coordinate necessary repairs.

8. Take necessary steps for weed and insect control - Coordinate with Todd Johnson

9. Ensure the field lights and scoreboards are in good working order. Arrange for repairs and bulb replacement as needed.

10. Monitor the conditions of fencing, soccer nets, batting cage nets, soft toss nets. Make necessary repairs if minor. Get prices and coordinate with Board for major repairs.

It is the intent of this contract to make sure all normal and minor repairs and/or needs for facilities and field maintenance is covered by this contract. Outside services will be accepted and expected for items either requiring excessive labor or costs. However, MARA Board approval is required for any outside costs or services in excess of $500.00.

D. General Park Maintenance:

1 . Pick up trash and empty receptacles. Monitor dumpster and arrange for special pickup if needed.

2. Monitor parking lots. Fill holes with gravel as needed.

3. Monitor and repair pavilions as needed (minor repairs only).

4. Monitor and repair dugouts as needed (minor repairs only).

5. Report any vandalism.

6. Assist committees with field related preparation for MARA special events such as Opening Day, Spring Family Day, All-Star Tournaments.

E. Major Field Maintenance:

1 . Prepare a list of major field work that need to occur to get the fields in playing condition for the coming season.

2. Determine which work activities can be done by volunteers.

3. Coordinate several field workdays for volunteers to perform the necessary work.

4. Obtain price quotes for the work that needs to be contracted out.

F. Equipment:

1 . Ensure that all equipment is in good operating condition.

2. Clean equipment at regular intervals.

3. Monitor equipment inventory.

4. Make timely requests for replacement equipment.

5. Ensure that storage areas are clean and organized.

6. Ensure that storage areas and boxes are properly locked when not in use.

7. Keep Boardroom clean.


The above fore-mentioned is a job description and contract that will be expected of the MARA Field Director. In return for their services, the MARA Board will pay an annual salary of _____________ , which will be paid in ______________ equal payments. This contract will be good for ______ year(s) and renewable annually upon the agreement of the MARA Board and Field Director.

Accepted this day of ,

MARA President____________________________________

MARA Treasurer____________________________________

Field Maintenance_________________________________